6 Best Wedding Theme Ideas You Can Hold On Star Of The Sea Superyacht

A wedding celebration marks a couple’s important milestones in their life. At this stage, they are ready to settle down and start a family to carry on generations of the family tree. This occasion has to be a joyous one and so it’s important to make it a perfect celebration. Star Of The Sea Superyacht is one venue which you can consider to hold your own beloved precious and memorable life event onboard.

Difference Between Superyacht And Ordinary Yacht

A superyacht is bigger than many catamaran yachts you can see out there in the Singapore waters. It is more than just a private charter to sail out for 4 hours. You can hold an event for nearly 150 persons because this vessel is huge at about 128 feet long and 4 levels high. So for now, under this relatively unique and rare kind of environment, you might be brainstorming about the different wedding themes you can hold on the superyacht. They may be different from the typical Singapore weddings held at 5-star hotel ballrooms inland.

Do you fancy holding your wedding party celebration onboard Star Of The Sea Superyacht? Holding a wedding away from the sea onboard this luxury 128-feet long vessel is possible. All you need is some budget, decoration and crew selection decisions in order to prepare and organise the wedding in the ship.

However, when preparing your wedding in the superyacht, have you considered what kinds of wedding theme ideas are suitable? They are not only based on the personalities of the bride and bridegroom, or even the family members and friends as involved wedding guests. As the wedding is held onboard a marine vessel, the wedding theme has to take into consideration the restrictions due to its water surroundings, i.e. the safety aspect (in case things got thrown overboard) and the decorations that fit the yacht well.

Are you wondering about what wedding themes you can use for your memorable life occasion onboard the mega yacht? Here are some cool superyacht wedding theme ideas you can consider holding onboard Star Of The Sea:

Nautical Theme

If you have great fondness for the deep blue or water, then you should organise your wedding in the nautical theme. You will undoubtedly be spoiled for choice when it comes to decorations for this theme. Some of the items you can include in your celebration include seashells, marine life, and anchors. 

You are able to make suggestions about what you want to happen on your chartered cruise, and you can also say that you want to stop at particular islands along the way. If you want to give guests more room to move around during the reception, picturing yourselves on a beautiful beach with white sand, this can be very helpful.

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Sea Cake Theme Decorations

Credit: Water Fantaseas

At the heart of the nautical-themed wedding is the sea cake, a beautiful and delicious centerpiece that captures the essence of the ocean. This cake can be designed in a variety of styles, with intricate frosting work that resembles the waves and sea life. Guests will be awed by the stunning beauty of this cake, and the delicious flavors will leave them coming back for more.

The sea cake themed wedding can be further enhanced by incorporating other nautical touches, such as sea-inspired favors, decorations, and table settings. Guests can be greeted with seashell place cards, and the centerpiece of the tables can feature coral and starfish. A sailor-style photo booth can provide a fun backdrop for guests to snap memories of the special day.

The frosting should have blue splashes all over it, and you should also add little details like cute starfish, seafoam, corals, and maybe even a small school of fish. Add new sea creatures and characters to raise the stakes.

Fairy Tale Theme

Magic and fantastical feats that are unheard of in modern life are part of a fairy tale theme.

Therefore, it is only fitting that the floating lanterns, sparklers, and fairy lights serve as the theme’s focal points! Think of Tinkerbell, Peter Pan’s signature Disney character!

A marriage is a wondrous moment in life. If you wish to immerse yourself into the moment of magical fantasy, something that is reminiscent of Disney stories, then choose a fairy tale theme for your yacht wedding.

You can get floating lantern, fairy lights, Tinkerbell animations in the screen, rainbow decos on the walls. If you want to have your wedding at night, this theme is perfect for you. You can customize the wedding invitations and centerpieces, in addition to the usual event decor, to fit the overall theme.

Last but not least, because some of the decorations in this theme require fire to function, you should ask your yacht charter company if they can accommodate your requests.

Sparklers Theme

If you prefer a lower budget but yet with fun and romance in your wedding, then try out the sparklers theme.

This theme would make it a photogenic memory of you and your guests together. It’s a fun and nostalgic activity for everyone, and you and your guests can put on a beautiful light show to make beautiful memories with your loved ones.

Titanic Theme

Yeah why not recreate this famous love scene onboard a luxurious superyacht? Star Of The Sea looks like a cruise to some with its 128-feet length. You can stand at the bow (beware of safety hazard so that you don’t fall overboard). But as a couple you can pose like the famous Titanic scene featuring Jack and Rose. But you may have to use drone camera shots in order to make a memorable picture of that pose!

Classic Theme

This is an excellent option for couples who are nostalgic and want their wedding day to reflect that; A wedding with a vintage theme could be the perfect romantic setting.

You can go with anything from simple, traditional decor to grand, opulent vintage looks because it is so adaptable. If you’re getting married on a private yacht as the sun sets, this works even better!

Moving On

The wedding themes discussed in the above are not limited as there are always room for new ideas every now and then. But they certainly help you get some ideas of how you wish to bless your love life for the future in order to build a blessed relationship years and decades on till death do apart.

Star Of The Sea Superyacht certainly has the capacity for a wedding. It will help to house 150 guests at the dockside while the wedding celebrations carry on. However, you have to check with the crew and captain of the yacht for wall decorations and safety regulations to adhere to. 

With your budget and capacity being planned, book your wedding charter with us right now.

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