7 Factors To Consider In A Superyacht Wedding Reception

Have you generally needed something else for your wedding reception or solemnisation service? Do you fantasize about getting married in a private setting under the stars or a colorful sunset? Style and elegance are essential when planning a one-of-a-kind wedding reception or ceremony. Renting a private yacht from Singapore’s largest charter yacht, Star Of The Sea Superyacht, makes it simple to accomplish all of these goals.

What Things Are Done At Wedding Receptions

At wedding receptions, there are some program outline expectations that are usually being made. This time round, the wedding receptions are held at sea, unlike the usual ones that are held on land. Hence, some expectations of wedding receptions must be considered more thoroughly.

Weddings initiate with officiations. Onboard, there are usually yacht solemnizers, who are familiar with the procedures of yacht solemnization and the documentation that’s required.

A typical wedding reception normally lasts 4 to 5 hours if they are held on land. At sea, it’s almost similar. For Star Of The Sea Superyacht, the dockside party is normally chartered for 4 hours. An extension is possible too at $1,000 per hour. Just let us know about this will help!

Expectations Of Guests

There will be crowd controllers during the wedding reception event. Although this has been past the post-social distancing restrictions of COVID-19, the crowd controllers will usher the guests to their respective tables. 

Please be aware that our yacht berths are private areas, in contrast to other venues; Guests will need to be assembled and escorted by our captain or crew with an access card in order to access the yacht. Consequently, the suggested appearance methodology would be for all visitors to show up and assemble at the gathering point in the marina at a set time (ordinarily 10-15 mins preceding the occasion) before we carry all visitors to the yacht. 

Alternately, if guests arrive at varying times, you will need to appoint one of your friends as an usher to bring each guest to the yacht on their own while our captain and crew take care of the guests once they are aboard.

As the superyacht has some outdoor exposure, all, including crew and guests, are expected to take precaution against any rainy weather. So, it’s imperative to plan the wedding ahead by checking on the wet weather forecast as it often rains in Singapore.

Best Time To Hold Wedding Reception

We would suggest having your ceremony between the hours of 7 a.m. and 11 a.m., when it is not too hot, or after 4 p.m., when the weather starts to cool down.

Itinerary Of Wedding Reception

The following is a typical itinerary for 4 hours (without dockside party):-

15 to 30 minutes before departure: Guests’ Arrival and Boarding

1st hour: The solemnization ceremony gets under way.

2nd hour: Tour around Southern Islands

3rd hour: Anchor at Lazarus Beach/St. John’s Bay so that guests can swim, paddleboard, kayak, or walk around the island.

4th hour: As we return to the marina, cruise toward the Marina Bay area for a view of Singapore’s iconic city skyline.

It is entirely up to you what you would like to do during the charter; we have seen couples change into their swimsuits following the ceremony, and we have also seen couples continue with a full-scale photoshoot either on board or at the islands! We are always able to modify our itineraries in accordance with your wishes because they are adaptable.

But what if it’s a dockside party to accommodate more people? That is to accommodate up to 100 persons onboard.

Considerations Of Wedding Reception In The Superyacht

Our superyacht, Star Of The Sea, can host wedding receptions for up to 100 persons. It can be organised and held as a dockside party. Having such a dockside celebration for the wedding would be fun as it is relatively more rare and unique. You not only get to enjoy the sea breeze blowing onto your face. You also get a sense of personal satisfaction of luxury from guests.

Here are some of the considerations, including important instructions and creative ideas, about superyacht wedding reception:

Wedding Theme Ideas

Before you go into the proper program planning, you should brainstorm on the wedding theme ideas you wish to use. The theme idea you choose is determined by the personality and interests of the groom or bride. It will enable you to cherish these memories in years to come. 

An interesting theme idea for the wedding reception is the sea cake theme. It’s a centerpiece that conveys the essence of the ocean in a beautiful and flavorful way. This cake can be decorated in a number of different ways, and the intricate frosting work resembles waves and marine life. Visitors will be awed by the dazzling magnificence of this cake, and the delightful flavors will leave them returning for more.

There are many other wedding theme ideas you can think of on the superyacht. (Read more about the wedding theme ideas here)

Time To Prepare The Superyacht

The time required to decorate the boat is another important factor to take into account: Please allow at least one hour for your decorations, more if they include exterior setup and are more elaborate. Trust us on this: A minimum of two hours would be sufficient for you or your decorator to set up and clear the way before your guests arrive, as one hour is usually insufficient. Yacht charters typically require a one-hour turnaround time between parties to clean up after one and prepare for the next. As a result, if a charter is scheduled before yours, you may need to reserve additional setup time.

Safety Instructions

As you are onboarding the sea vessel, it’s of utmost importance to listen to the safety briefings of the well trained captain and crew. The safety considerations range from indoor fire hazard safety warning to outdoor accidental overboard throwing or drowning of guests. Possible sea sicknesses also must be taken into consideration. Guests are expected to bring along seasick pills or other remedy kits in case of such insurgencies.

Crew Selection

Before you book and plan the wedding reception charter, it is advisable for you to head down to the Star Of The Sea Superyacht to do some viewing beforehand. Over there, you may chance upon some of our experienced crew. They have been trained with some hospitality standards comparable with hotels and restaurants on land.

Officiating Wedding Ceremonial Procedures

On the off chance that you don’t have your own favored wedding celebrant, fret not! We have gathered some solemnizers over time who are familiar with yacht solemnizations and the necessary paperwork to ensure a smooth process.

However, if you’d rather invite your own celebrant, keep these things in mind:

It will be simpler to designate the yacht club—one15 Marina Club / Marina @ Keppel Bay—as the location for the ceremony.

On the off chance that you wish to have our yacht name imprinted on the wedding endorsement, do tell us ahead of time as need might arise to present our yacht permit to ROM for endorsement.

Before the actual event, it is essential to talk to your solemnist and check the documents so that he can walk you through the ceremony.

The wedding celebrant typically departs at the conclusion of the ceremony and will not remain throughout the charter. Notwithstanding, we’ve had visitors who welcome them energetically, so if it’s not too much trouble, go ahead and do as such. Keep in mind that the wedding officiant will be included in the total number of people in attendance if this is the case.

Attire Of Wedding

Guests must be in their outdoor attire and shoes are actually not advised. Onboard the Star Of The Sea, guests are required to leave their footwear on the deck before entering the main rooms. So slippers or sandals are more preferred. 

Food Selection

The superyacht has a glorious variety of food selection. You can bring your own food, get free flow wine, order beers or even take on our BBQ services by using our BBQ grilles. The range of selection can be found in our brochure here.

Photography And Videography

Choose capable photographic artists and videographers who are experienced in the yacht chartering business. Since a seasick photographer is the last thing you want to worry about, these professionals have been around for a while. You may likewise recruit your own team (or relegate one of your companions for the undertaking), and we’d propose they come for a survey before the occasion to have a thought of the space.

Please keep in mind that they will also be counted as guests.

Budget Of Wedding

How about planning for the costs of organising a wedding onboard the superyacht? You have note and tabulate a list of expected expenses on a spreadsheet to forecast the expenditure. This does not even include wedding rings, pre wedding photography and videography, the superyacht charter costs and add-on costs of food and BBQ grilles.

However, as this is a very important and memorable occasion, we will always make utmost efforts to ensure all details are carried out according to plans. We have to list down all the details and do preps with our crew and captain, as well as the admin staff that takes charge of this special event, together with the wedding planners and of course, the bride and groom.

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