9 Types Of Corporate and Non-Corporate Events You Can Hold During A Superyacht Charter

The practice of a superyacht charter (or rental) for one’s own use and traveling to a variety of island or coastal locations is referred to as “superyacht chartering.” It could be a holiday event or a business gathering corporate event. Luxury, privacy, first-class service, individualized cuisine, exclusive destinations, and more are all included in a superyacht charter.


What Is A Superyacht Charter

A luxury superyacht charter is without a doubt one of the best ways to spend a vacation. It gives you access to some of the most extraordinary places in the world in a way that no other hotel or resort can match, as well as opulent comfort in the accommodation, first-class service, custom cuisine, and your very own selection of amazing activities.

Whether you desire high power water sports, company private events, overseas visits, marvelous nightlife, or off in an unexpected direction isolation, there is a superyacht, a tailor made schedule, and an objective only for you. With a luxury superyacht vacation, you can see the world from some of the best vantage points and get a unique perspective on each place you visit. Even by hosting events onboard a superyacht, you get to enjoy some of the superyacht amenities such as the gas grilled BBQ and even the jacuzzi spa.

Imagine dining on the deck of your chartered superyacht while watching the sunset over Phuket, Thailand, a popular tourist destination. You could also picture yourself and your family diving the reefs of the Caribbean islands or taking a tranquil morning swim in the clear waters of The Bahamas. Yes, these are the best superyacht adventures one seeks.

However, this superyacht, Star Of The Sea, does not take you to the aforementioned destinations. Instead, it takes you to places like Anambas Islands and Tioman. Fret not, there are many types of events which you can do. Star Of The Sea can hold up to 50 persons during its charters. In this blog post, we shall break them into 2 main categories of the events – corporate events and non-corporate events.

Corporate Events In Superyacht Charters

Team Building

In order for a team building activity in Singapore to be successful, it needs to be tailored to each business’s specific goals and objectives. For instance, activities that foster a sense of teamwork or communication skills may be chosen by businesses, while others may choose activities that focus on these skills. In addition, it is essential to make certain that the activity is enjoyable and interesting in order to keep participants motivated throughout. By getting some margin to painstakingly choose the right movement for every business, group building exercises can be utilized to boost their adequacy and bring enduring advantages.

Team Bonding Or Normal Company Retreat

At times you may also have the option of taking it slower in team bonding sessions. Yet, such type of corporate activity is still a highly effective one as colleagues and managers can get to know each other better. Team bonding are synonymous with ordinary company retreat sessions whereby they are more fun and easy. Such relative relaxing pace would foster good networking among the organisation too.

However, there are also some fun games that can be played within the organisation. Such games do not require much leadership or communication but even as they are more for leisure, they are instrumental in building camaraderie and colleague relationship among the team members. Don’t underestimate the value of informal sessions to hold the team together. Even the karaoke room and jacuzzi spa facility can be good venues too. Read here for more corporate team bonding ideas.

Networking Sessions

Sometimes corporate events also mean business related events. The hosting organisation can charter our Star Of The Sea Superyacht to set up a networking session for business people, entrepreneurs, freelancers and self employed. It would be a very insightful one as the ambience is a different setup from the one you normally have on land. No more leaving in the middle of the session though, at least!

One of our amenities is the dining room, as shown below. This is where you can hold serious corporate meetings if you want to. Nearby a bar counter is where you can get drinks of all varieties – beer, soft drink, cocktail, mineral water – you name it. A few platforms suitable for Singapore business networking are good for your hosting convenience (check out what these platforms are).

Dinner And Dance

With a dinner cruise that can last 4 hours, observing the night city skyline, complete with some BBQ and good blast music, the dinner and dance. Or you can do a dockside party, organised by Star Of The Sea, that can hold up to 150 people as well.

The dinner and dance is an entertaining type of corporate event. Some corporations which have more than 100 colleagues in their organisations can consider the dockside party, whereby the vessel is stationed at Raffles Marina (until management changes location), and with some emcee and party DJ, there are some dinner served to the company guests onboard.

VVIP Hosting

Hosting VVIPs on a superyacht is a powerful way to make an impression and show your company’s prestige and exclusivity. The luxurious amenities, privacy, and personalized experience onboard create an unforgettable experience that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. It provides an excellent opportunity to showcase your company’s culture and values and build meaningful connections with important stakeholders. With onboard activities like island hopping and city tours, hosting corporate events on a superyacht creates a relaxed atmosphere that encourages networking and bonding. Consider hosting your next corporate event on a superyacht to make a lasting impact.

Non-Corporate Events In Superyacht Charters

Birthday Parties

Hosting birthday parties onboard the yacht are commonplaces. They are the perfect venue for you to give your surprise to your friends on their special days. Birthday parties are normally accompanied with KTV events.

Read more about hosting birthday parties

Wedding Or Solemnisation Celebrations

It is also possible to hold wedding or pre-wedding types of events. These event types can include wedding photography and videography, solemnisation and even the actual wedding ceremony itself. The dockside party that holds up to 150 people onboard also makes such wedding celebrations on the couple’s big day possible.

Private Celeb Parties

Do you know of any agent of any famous celebrity who wishes to hold own private celeb parties onboard the superyacht? Well, our charters make that possible even if they want a 6 day 5 night sail to Anambas or Tioman Islands. They are great for their privacy needs. With our safety and hospitality crew to accompany them at all times, you can be very sure that your own needs will be well taken care of.

Karaoke Leisure

Hosting a karaoke event onboard a superyacht is an excellent way to entertain guests and create memorable experiences. It’s a fun and engaging activity that brings people together and adds to the luxury and exclusivity of the superyacht experience. Whether you’re planning a corporate event or a private party, hosting karaoke onboard a superyacht is sure to be a hit with your guests.


Holding events onboard the superyacht would be awesome. They are not limited to the above.

As Star Of The Sea superyacht, measuring 4 levels deep and 128-feet in length, there are many opportunities for you to organise gatherings. Think of it as a way for you to explore newer horizons by organising events onboard the superyacht too.

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