Things To Consider When Organising A SuperYacht Birthday Party

While throwing a birthday party in Singapore is always an exciting experience, have you ever thought about hosting it on a superyacht instead? The superyacht parties are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy luxury, entertainment, and breathtaking views of Singapore’s coastline and skyline.

We’ll give you some helpful advice on how to host the ultimate yacht party in Singapore in this article. We’ve got you covered, from selecting the right yacht to making a guest list to designing the ideal birthday party atmosphere and organizing activities and entertainment. All on a luxury superyacht while out in the sea.


How To Throw Birthday Party On Superyacht

The first thing you need to do is figure out how many people will be attending your party. Choose a yacht that can accommodate all of your guests comfortably. During the party, you don’t want your guests to feel crowded or uneasy. For the least amount of a party atmosphere on board, try to get at least 30 people. Due to its larger capacity, the Star Of The Sea Superyacht can accommodate up to 100 guests for a dockside party.

The next thing is to brainstorm of the birthday party theme. You must know what theme is right, depending on the birthday of the main person – his or her preference of liking.

Before you even send out the invitations, you can choose a movie, soccer, or cultural (like British) theme. It would assist you in selecting and finalizing your party’s decor.

In light of your party subject, you can likewise pick the occasion’s clothing standard and remember this detail for the welcomes conveyed to your visitors.

Then while planning ahead, you must check the weather beforehand. You should choose the date of your superyacht birthday party based on the weather over the past few days, despite the fact that the weather is unpredictable. Your birthday party may be affected by torrential rain and storms because the yacht will be out on the water.

However, you can still host your party on a yacht despite this. On the off chance that your birthday falls on a stormy day, make a point to converse with the yacht specialists and set up for cover ahead of time. (Read about wet weather yacht ideas)

What Kinds Of Activities Are Suitable For Superyacht

Onboard the superyacht, usually party organisers like to organise fun games and competitions. But there are also music parties (accompanied by music party DJ) and magic shows as well. It all depends on what activities the birthday person wish to include during the yacht charter trip.

Choose activities that complement your party’s theme when planning activities. Consider water sports like kayaking, paddleboarding, or even setting up a beach volleyball court on an island nearby if you’re throwing a beach party.

Dress Code For Birthday Party

There are no set guidelines for how to dress for a yacht music dance party. However, the typical attire consists of slippers, shorts, and shirts. In any case, you are not permitted to wear shoes inside the yacht. The crew will ask you to store your shoes in the shoe boxes they provide.

What If You Wear Jeans

You can wear jeans if you want to, but most of the time, we wouldn’t recommend it because they will be uncomfortable in Singapore, even in sunny weather. Imagine what if you were to dip into the water and splash yourself to get wet? Wouldn’t that be too uncomfortable for you when you are in jeans? In fact, women like to wear bikinis if they were to get into the water.

In Singapore, there are no four seasons. It would be very warm and stuffy for you to wear jeans under the outdoor weather, even when it rains.

Best Time For Superyacht Birthday Party

Holding a superyacht birthday party does not have any restrictions actually. However, we recommend the best time of the day to be from 5.30pm onwards. Especially if it’s on a weekday.

Common sense would tell you that around this time it’s not hot like afternoon weather. But why a night time is best time is also because of the after working hours of guest, viewing of the evening sunset and the night city skyline. Even if it’s at a dockside party, guests can also sit down somewhere and start gazing at stars.

If the superyacht charter were to happen at night, another advantage is the night party with dinner being served.

Surprise Amenities

Star Of The Sea Superyacht contains an outdoor jacuzzi spa where our party guests can soak into the pool to relax, especially after a night of fun partying where it can be very hectic and physically exhausting. And for a maximum of 100 guests onboard, why not try the jacuzzi spa and soak in the fun, just like a mini version of a swimming pool?

How about our indoor karaoke function set for some simple enjoyment? Some birthday party revelers enjoy singing on the microphone certainly. Then you can cut a birthday cake at the end of the charter session and sing the birthday song along!

What Types Of Food Are Suitable

All range of food are suitable. As long as they fit the requirements of the guests onboard, i.e. halal or non-halal or non-beef meat food, they are all good to go. The food can come in many forms – whether barbecue, food catering or delivery or even self food orders from fast food restaurants like Pizza Hut or JolliBee. Or you can even bring your private chef along to the superyacht. Star Of The Sea is a major proponent of fine dining onboard (see our below Instagram post on this).

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Holding a superyacht birthday party would be another level of challenge as this involves hosting a party in the sea. Unlike hotels, KTV rooms and cafes which can be found on land, for a ship hosting at sea, there are additional considerations. Firstly, you need to ensure all guests are met and accounted for before you even start to board the marine vessel. It is unlike land hosting where you can first get into the room and wait for others to arrive. For 100 guests, it would even be more challenging to account for it. Even for a bus trip to Malaysia, you still can divide into bus charters, or meet somewhere else (as long as you are informed beforehand). But for a ship, you need to wait for everyone who has confirmed attendance and even paid for it to be at the departure spot.

Another factor to consider is the budget and activity plan of the birthday party. Though it may seem to be out of reach to ordinary folks, our superyacht still provide cost friendly charters to interested charterers. We are also not limited to birthday parties definitely.

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