6 Tips To Consider When Staying Onboard A Superyacht

The Star Of The Sea Superyacht is a marine vessel of dreams. If you have chartered and come onboard this miniaturised version of a cruise, chances are you will find this mega luxury yacht a rare and unique gem in the Singapore seas. 

Lush cabins are the unique selling point for the yachts. If you are sailing overseas to Tioman and Anambas Islands, you can stay in the ‘hotel rooms’. In fact, the sojourn can last till a maximum of 6 days and 5 nights. This must be so fun right? Our cabins are of 5-star hotel standards. However, there are some rules and etiquettes to observe, which will make everyone of us comfortable onboard.

Footwear Rules

Star Of The Sea has a barefoot rule when you come into the deck of the ship. This is because some stilettos may leave scruff marks or scratches on the floor. It is also preferable for the floors not to be stained by dirty soles of the footwear. Hence, the footwear is not allowed inside the deck.

Safety To Adhere

Besides the footwear, the captain and crew take safety very seriously, and it is their primary responsibility. You will receive a safety briefing about life jackets and life rafts; therefore, you should ensure that you absorb the information. It is required by maritime and insurance laws.

Treat Crew With Respect

When you’re a passenger staying onboard a superyacht for more than a night, it’s important to treat the crew with respect. These professionals work tirelessly to ensure that your stay is comfortable, safe, and enjoyable. They take care of everything from cooking and cleaning to navigation and maintenance, often working long hours and sacrificing time away from their families.

Treating the crew with respect is not only the right thing to do, but it also ensures a more pleasant and enjoyable experience for everyone. When you show appreciation for their hard work and efforts, they are more likely to go above and beyond to make your stay unforgettable. Moreover, building positive relationships with the crew can enhance your understanding of the yacht and the surrounding area, allowing you to get the most out of your time on board. Therefore, showing respect, kindness, and gratitude towards the crew is essential to creating a comfortable and positive atmosphere on the superyacht.

Make Use Of The Amenities Available

Amidst all the rules and strict observations, there is still fun to be relished of course. Onboard the superyacht, there are plentiful amenities, such as our prized jacuzzi spa, drinks bar, karaoke singing and even great service hospitality and food.

Even the 5-star bathrooms furnished with toilet paper, hot water for shower and cleanliness don’t disappoint you certainly, if it’s going to be a week-long voyage.

Bring Sufficient Luggage

Because it is always difficult to store luggage, soft luggage that can be collapsed for storage is preferred over hard luggage. Try to pack light because steamer trunks may be the “in thing” on ocean liners but not on yachts.

Do Treat Superyacht As Your Own Home

When you’re going for sailing overseas with accommodation onboard a superyacht, it’s important to treat the yacht as your temporary home. The crew’s goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible during your stay, and they will work hard to ensure that the yacht is clean, tidy, and well-maintained. However, it’s also important for you to take responsibility for the space you’re occupying and treat it with the same care and respect you would your own home.

This means being mindful of your surroundings, avoiding causing any unnecessary damage, and keeping communal areas tidy. It also means being respectful of the crew’s workspace and personal living quarters. While you’re free to enjoy the luxuries and amenities on board, it’s important to remember that the yacht is not a hotel, but a private residence. Treating it as such will make the crew feel more at ease, and will also earn you the respect of the yacht’s owner, who takes pride in their vessel and appreciates those who show care and consideration for it.

In summary, by treating the superyacht like your own home, you can make the most of your stay on board, while also ensuring that the crew feel valued and respected, and the owner is happy with how their property is being treated. Ultimately, this creates a more enjoyable and harmonious experience for everyone involved.

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