The Superyacht party, events and celebrations made possible

Always there for you for every occasion of joy!

Wedding Solemnization And Proposals

Imagine proposing onboard a superyacht or holding a once-in-a-lifetime wedding ceremony. How romantic will that be, in the middle of the sea?

Hosting Of VVIP Clients

Having an excellent pitch to showcase your new product or service? Keep your most important clients impressed with this rare luxury superyacht. Make it a memorable experience for your clients to remember

Private Celeb Parties

Are you really a celebrity or an agent of the celebrity? Well, even if you are not Sir Richard Branson exactly but an associate of his, you can spread the word about this luxury superyacht because you can host private parties all day long or even all voyage long in this ship.

Corporate Events

Do you wish to hold an important corporate meeting or a dinner and dance theme party? Or just a simple getaway retreat onboard? This superyacht offers you a rare experience which you have not experienced in typical hotels, restaurants or cruises. You can even soak yourself in a jacuzzi during your rest times.

Fine Dining

Our service crew has the best hospitality onboard, even with our fine dining services. Whether you’re in for candlelight romance, social or corporate charters, you can expect great hospitality with our food service.

Birthday Celebration

Are you willing to make your special day a memorable birthday celebration onboard? Charter our superyacht for your birthday events.

Overseas Charters

Do you want something more enjoyable than our local island hopping – by sailing overseas? We offer overseas charters to Anambas and Tioman Islands as well.

Social gathering

We can accommodate up to 150 pax onboard. Even if you’re a leisure tourist, why not try our superyacht charters onboard? We have a dockside party where you can dance along with local DJ music.


Our Amenities

  • This state-of-the-art superyacht defines luxury with our jacuzzi spa
  • Comfortable sofas
  • Karaoke sets and 5-star hotel standard cabins

spacious cabins

We have state-of-the-art cabins that resemble the hotel rooms of a 5-star hotel


karaoke relaxation

We have a karaoke lounge onboard for chill down singing. Our sofas, armchairs and tables are high end and are designed to provide you comfort amidst the whole exuberant feeling of luxury.

Corporate meeting space

Wherever decisions matter for business, we provide a comfortable space for you to hold corporate meetings.

Water Sports Activities

Besides our onboard activities like Karaoke, cabin and BBQ, we also have water sports activities like water mat and kayaking for you.

Just inform our staff and crew that you wish to engage in them, so we can prepare for you.

the features of our services


First class service

Our crew are well-trained and professional. We always strive to provide top-notch services to our passengers onboard, from meals to entertainment. We even ensure our passengers' health onboard, such as seasickness, is well taken care of.


luxury amenities

Our superyacht amenities include karaoke set, jacuzzi spa for the ultimate de-stress relaxation, 5-star hotel-like cabin rooms, corporate function rooms for high level meetings, BBQ pits and sundeck for outdoor enthusiasts, and even a lounge for chilling down.


private yacht parties

Celebs, socialites, other fun loving seekers can charter our yacht to whip up grandiose parties with music, champagne, beers and of course, all day fun under the sun!


overseas charters

Besides the typical Southern Islands, Pulau Ubin or Sentosa within Singapore waters, we bring you to Malaysia and Indonesia too. Anambas and Tioman Islands are part of our itinerary destinations in our overseas charter packages.