Explore Our Karaoke Function Onboard The Superyacht With Great Singing Pleasure

Have you ever thought of the enjoyable yet simple activities you can do onboard Star Of The Sea? In this 128-feet long superyacht, the largest yacht for charter in Singapore, a karaoke function is possible with our prized amenity even in the middle of the sea. And the best part – it’s installed indoors under shelter. Whether rain or shine, this karaoke system is shielded from any inclement outdoor weather. It serves avid singers well. Besides a solid karaoke function onboard, our crew also serves the guests with great hospitality standards.

Superyacht Luxury Overview

The yacht market size at the global stage was valued at USD 8.91 billion in 2022. There’s an expected expansion rate of 5.8% in CAGR from 2023 to 2030. Read more about this here

When it comes to the luxury yacht market, the market size was worth USD 10 billion in 2018 (link). Due to individuals’ increased disposable income and preference for leisure or recreational pursuits, the demand for yachts has steadily increased over the past few years. The primary factors driving yacht sales are the growing preference of tourists for luxury tourism, personalized service, and exclusive travel.

Growth Of Yachting Tourism In Singapore

There is a huge demand for yachting travel and tourism in Singapore. Owing to the larger disposable income which tourists normally have, the yachting industry in Singapore has seen increase in tours by leaps and bounds. It is often not uncommon to see scores of travelers waiting for the yachts at the One15 Marina near Sentosa Cove.

During the SingaporeRediscover era, at a time when COVID-19 hit the tourism industry so badly that government had to give incentives, there were numerous voucher deals on yachting travel. Yacht captains would bring guests around to see Lazarus, Kusu and even Semakau Islands from afar at the sea, as well as the Shell station at Pulau Bukom, where a huge dream mansion, with a sea view and breeze feel in front, for the lodgings of the expatriates stand tall. Though these vouchers were only temporary, they would certainly dig a lot of awareness building for yachting in Singapore.

The Unique Superyacht Karaoke Experience

We all know we would patronise KTV lounges and clubs around the island of Singapore. Party World, Cash Studio, Teo Heng etc. are some of the popular KTV haunts we do before and after COVID-19 restrictions happened. But singing onboard the ship in the middle of the sea is of a different experience altogether, especially when it’s not a cruise ship.

Why Karaoke Onboard A Superyacht Is More Than Just Singing

In a luxury yacht, where the space is more personalised, doing the KTV singing sessions would be a great bonding session between the guests. Star Of The Sea has the great comfortable sitting area for guests to mingle around to pass the microphone around. But it’s not only that. They can bring their food ordered from food catering or barbecue to the KTV lounge too. Some social networking can also come along with food and songs. Event organisers who do speed dating events can utilise such amenity for a successful dating cum singing and dinner.

How To Organize A Karaoke Night Onboard A Superyacht In Singapore

Organizing a karaoke night onboard a superyacht in Singapore is an exciting endeavor that requires some careful planning.

First, choose a reputable yacht charter company that offers karaoke facilities. Make sure to specify your requirements for the karaoke night while booking. This would include the duration of your event, the number of guests, and any specific song requests.

Next, to create a memorable experience, consider adopting a theme for the night. This could be an era-specific music theme like the 80s or 90s, or a genre theme like pop or rock. Encourage your guests to dress up in costumes that match the theme. To add a fun element, you could also organize singing competitions and award prizes to the best or most entertaining performances.

Another kind of suggested theme is of course, the crooning competitions. We can award prizes to the best crooner from the karaoke system.

Lastly, it is important to consider safety and regulations. Ensure your guests are aware of the safety protocols on the yacht, especially if alcohol will be served. Make sure the yacht is equipped with life-saving equipment and the crew is trained for emergencies. As for regulations, ensure you respect noise restrictions to avoid any penalties and ensure an enjoyable time for all.

With careful planning, your karaoke night onboard a superyacht in Singapore is sure to be an unforgettable experience!

Why Choose Star Of The Sea For Karaoke During Your Yacht Charter Trips

Our Star Of The Sea charters are one of the most affordable superyacht charters in Singapore. The charters can be personalised for every kind of event possible – VVIP guest hosting, corporate team building, wedding celebrations, birthday events, corporate functional gatherings etc.

If you would like to seek a more adventurous charter, you can even go abroad on our yacht to Anambas Islands or Pulau Tioman (read about the 30 things you can do in Pulau Tioman). In all these yacht charter types, you’re certainly able to enjoy the karaoke session with our karaoke functional system. Also, the songs listed in the karaoke system are up-to-date with the listeners’ ears. With a solid sound speaker system, the music blasted out would certainly fill your ears with entertaining pleasure that would be memorable in years to come.

What is best about Star Of The Sea Superyacht is our top-notch hospitality. Our crew are very well-trained in service standards in Star Of The Sea. From fine dining to cabin lodging management to drinks service, our crew is always on standby to assist you in your needs once you’re onboard the luxury ship.

Are you interested to know more about our karaoke amenity and system inside Star Of The Sea?

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