How To Hold A Dinner And Dance Event on Our Yacht

We often mention about the different kinds of corporate events held during the yacht charter trips. Dinner and dance event is one of the corporate type of event you can do in our Star Of The Sea Superyacht. (See other corporate event examples)

Are you brainstorming about planning a D&D for your company, thinking about what venue to hold it? Try our Star Of The Sea – the ultra tall and largest yacht for charter in the Singapore waters. With a limited number of places to pick from, it can be difficult to come up with new ideas each year. Instead of the traditional function space or ballroom, try something a little more bold this year – the luxury superyacht of Singapore.

Why Our Venue Is The Best

A gigantic ship as the site for D&D is the perfect approach to create extra hype to your company’s celebration, with a gorgeous view of the sea and an elegant setup. Want to spice things up even more? Plan a maritime-themed party and ask your coworkers to dress appropriately for the occasion!

You can easily utilize the amazing facilities onboard Star Of The Sea. In addition to our slick bar, you may enhance the ambiance by having us arrange for a DJ. After all, no celebration would be complete without music.

Even without a DJ, we have a karaoke function set at the upper deck of the superyacht. It is the perfect place in the yacht for staff and managers to mingle with each other through singing.

Check out the Karaoke Function In Star Of The Sea

Besides the karaoke function, there are other amenities as well. One of them is the outdoor jacuzzi spa, which is the superyacht’s most prized possession. It will remind you of being on a cruise, but in a smaller scale.

Check out the full list of amenities

What Is The Dress Code For Dinner And Dance Event On Yacht

This is a marine vessel where all passengers and crew are expected to be barefooted once they enter the interior of the ship. Thus, try to be in the beach wear, with shorts, as much as possible, unless you have to be the performer with a special attire (you know what I mean).

If you are the organiser on behalf of the company, you can set a standard dress attire. Do not be too fanciful. Though you may not necessarily jump into the water to indulge in water splashing fun on the water mat, it is still recommended that you and your staff try to avoid shoes as they will be more inconvenient. Try to avoid socks and stockings, as the floor may be slippery (as others may get involved in some water play during the charter trip) and during the sail, if the tilt can be felt and the vertigo is not in your favour, you may accidentally slip and fall.

Typical Program Outline

As you are now holding a dinner and dance party on the ship, rather on land, there are differences in expected program outlines between the venue types. Inside Star Of The Sea, there is an indoor lounge with a dining table. Yes, there may not be as large scale as what you see on land, but it’s still viable option for dinner and dance to carry on.

We have to manage your expectations – if the capacity is more than 50 guests to a maximum of 100, it has to be a dockside party. There are restrictions in this dockside party, compared to the sail out charter for 50 guest or less. During the dockside party, there will be no water play during the dinner and dance program. But you still can go out to the flybridge and enjoy the cooling sea breeze blowing onto your face, or gaze at the calm blue sea or romantic sunset.

You can still do a theme party with costumes in the dockside party. It will be fun for everybody with the costume you can wear for the theme. However, do refrain from shoes and stick to flip flops or sandal foot wear before you enter the superyacht as you have to enter barefooted. You may still wear socks but you may feel slippery along the floor.

You can immerse yourselves in karaoke singing sessions. With our dedicated yacht crew, they can set up the KTV set for you with good sound system speakers. The KTV is held at the upper deck than the dining table function, where indoor food is to be served.

If you are a dockside party, likely you’ll be at Raffles Marina. You can see the Raffles Lighthouse from the yacht. But if you are holding for 50 guests and below, sailing can be done from either One 15 Marina or Raffles Marina. You can view the islands of Lazarus, Kusu and St John’s after you set sail from Sentosa. You can also view the night city skyline. If you are sailing from Raffles Marina, you will likely sail along the JOHOR Straits and probably catch some glimpse of the Malaysian coastline of Johor.

Safety Considerations For The Superyacht Event

Holding a dinner and dance event onboard the superyacht is nearby the sea. A dockside party can be likened to a floating restaurant like Jumbo seafood restaurant in Hong Kong, or the kelong restaurants like Rasa Istimewa in Woodlands overlooking Johor Bahru coast side.

Other than possibly slipping along slippery floors or losing items, such as your phone, accidentally into the water, another safety consideration is man overboard accidents whereby a person may accidentally fall into the water and even getting drowned as a result. That is why our charters or dockside parties must have the ship staff onboard – the captain and crew are always on standby for safety briefings and assistance if safety breaches may occur.

Book Star Of The Sea For Dinner And Dance Charter

Aside from being a fantastic venue for parties and festivities, Star Of The Sea is also ideal for corporate conversations and meetings, particularly with clients. With onboard AV equipment and other amenities, you’ll have all you need for an effective client meeting or corporate briefing. Fine dining as a dinner and dance option is also plausible.

Critical corporate meetings are usually solemn and serious, so holding them on Star Of The Sea will surely change things. Having committee meetings on our cruises will provide a more peaceful atmosphere with the backdrop of a magnificent horizon, superb drinks, and wonderful meals.

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